Ready NM - Request for Applications (RFA)

Background Information and Overview of the Ready NM Project

Ready NM focuses on two groups of New Mexicans: workers and employers. Concise, effective, easy to understand support services for each group will be provided to help each ramp us as COVID cases decline and the state’s economy reopens. Ready NM is a statewide strategy that includes several partners, both public and private to create a hub for workforce development opportunities, direct job referrals, resources to overcome work-related barriers, and guidance on safe return-to-work practices. NM’s public postsecondary institutions are critical partners in this project by ensuring access to training programs that are effective, efficient and quickly available.

The Ready NM project targets funding resources to create short term training programs designed to get New Mexicans prepared for diverse work opportunities that lead to immediate and direct employment in in-demand jobs. Additionally, Ready NM coordinates access and amplifies awareness of services by implementing the following strategies:

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive statewide Ready NM marketing campaign.
  • Develop a website,, dedicated to information to short and long-term educational and work pathways.
  • Create a central chat and phone line that allows New Mexicans to direct-connect with a career consultant.
  • Work in partnership with NM postsecondary institutions and adult education programs to develop boot camp, short term training programs for in-demand occupations.

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Application Timeline 

RFA ReleasedMonday, April 12, 2021
Technical Assistance WebinarFriday, April 16, 2021, 10-11 a.m.
Application Due Date Ongoing through December 15, 2021
Application Reviews CompleteOngoing. Application reviews will take place within two weeks of submission and will be conducted by members of the Ready NM Committee. 
Award Notifications Issued Ongoing through December 15, 2021
Application Submission DeadlineDecember 15, 2021, or when all funds have been awarded, whichever occurs first. 


Applications shall be submitted via email to John Casado, NMDWS Project Manager at

Strategies are dependent on collaboration among several state agencies including the Department of Workforce Solutions, Higher Education Department, Human Services Division, and the Office of the Governor. Together these partners, Ready NM Collaborative, shall create a hub for workforce development opportunities, direct job referrals, resources to overcome work-related barriers, and guidance on safe return-to-work practices.

The following Request for Application (RFA) shall provide eligible applicants with guidance on the process for receiving financial resources needed to design and implement boot camp and short-term trainings developed in partnership with business partners that prepare job seekers for in-demand occupations.

For the purposes of this RFA, boot camp and short-term trainings are defined as workforce development opportunities that prepare participants for immediate employment opportunities in a specific field that results in a certificate of content mastery or credential in an in-demand occupation. Fundable short-term trainings and boot camps under this RFA shall not exceed 12 weeks of instruction.

Total Funds Available

It is anticipated that a total of approximately $1.5 million will be awarded under this announcement, depending on the availability of funds, quality of applications received and other applicable consideration. Fund ceiling per program is up to $80,000 inclusive of allowable indirect costs.

The New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions (NMDWS) reserves the right to reject applications and make no awards or make fewer awards than anticipated under this RFA. NMDWS further reserves the right to make additional awards under this announcement, if additional funding becomes available after the original selections are made. Any additional selections for awards will be made no later than six months after the original selection dates.

Eligible applicants
  1. Public and Tribal Institutions of Higher Education in New Mexico
  2. Adult Education Programs affiliated with a public institution
  3. Collaborations of institutions of higher education
Multiple Program Funding Opportunities

Eligible applicants may be considered for more than one award. An application must be submitted for each program.

Ultimate Beneficiaries of Grants
  • Unemployed New Mexicans in need of workforce development opportunities.
  • New Mexico workers seeking retooling and development opportunities that advance their professional pathways.
  • New Mexico employers seeking trained and credentialed workers.
  • Higher Education Institutions and Adult Education programs seeking to grow and improve short-term career training offerings.