Planning and Research

The Planning and Research Division supports the mission of a well-educated, globally competitive workforce in New Mexico.  The Division works to fulfill this mission by providing quality information and planning support to the higher education community through collaborative data collection, analysis and reporting.
The Division is dedicated to continually identifying strategic improvement opportunities for the governor, legislators and the higher education community via robust student longitudinal data analysis, forecasting, trend analysis and modeling. The Division seeks ways to improve data collection through employing principles such as teamwork, efficiency, and quality control so that decisions that impact education policy for secondary and postsecondary programs, institutions and the workforce may be data informed.

Division Goals:
  • Support the policy work of the Department
  • Strengthen partnerships with the state’s education leadership community
  • Contribute to the local and national discussion of education policy and reform through research publications
  • Organize the Division’s processes, define procedures, and clarify roles
  • Build Planning and Research Division sustainability

Contact Information:

Dina Advani

Director of Planning and Research

Johanna Sandoval

Operations Research Analyst 

Phone Number: (505) 476-8400

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