Operating Budgets-BARs-Actuals

Operating Budgets, Budget Adjustment Requests (BARs) and Reports of Actuals are submitted to the Institutional Finance Division at NMHED for review and approval. This page contains resources for institutions to submit these financial documents as well as a library of Reports of Actuals from previous fiscal years.

Operating Budgets and Budget Adjustment Requests (BARs)

The Spring submission of the Operating Budget contains the most recent estimate of unrestricted and restricted revenues, expenditures, and transfers for the current fiscal year and a requested operating budget for the following fiscal year.

The statutory due date of the Operating Budget is May 1st. 

FY25 Budget Instructions & Budget Forms

FY24 Budget Instructions & Budget Forms 

FY23 Budget Instructions

Gerald Hoehne | Interim Institutional Finance Director


Dawn Webster | Senior Budget Analyst


Report of Actuals - Fiscal Year

The Fall submission of the Report of Actuals contains the final approved unrestricted and restricted operating budgets (supported by the final approved BAR) and unaudited actual revenues, expenditures, and transfers for the preceding fiscal year. All institutions must submit their Report of Actuals no later than September 15th following the close of each fiscal year. 

Budget Information from Previous Fiscal Years 

Higher Education Institutional Finance Budget System -- Not Currently Required 

The FY24 Operating Budget and the FY23 Report of Actuals online submissions on temporary hold, to be determined.

In NMHED's ongoing effort to streamline consistent formatting across all New Mexico higher education institutions, NMHED has implemented an online budget submission process that allows institutions to electronically submit Operating Budgets and Reports of Actuals. Moving from Excel and translating all financial data into a database will serve multiple comprehensive reporting purposes that is currently collected and consolidated manually.

The link to the HED Institutional Budget application:


User Instructions:

How to Create an Account 

How to Submit Report of Actuals 

How to Submit Operating Budget 

The required forms and templates:

FY24 Budget Template and Approval Form pending.

FY22 Report of Actuals Template 

FY23 Operating Budget Template (Excel) 

FY23 Budget Approval Form (PDF) 

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