Data Collection and Reporting

In 2012, New Mexico Higher Education Department (NMHED) implemented the new eDEAR (Electronic Data Editing and Reporting) system. Data collected from New Mexico public institutions includes enrollment, degrees awarded, and financial aid data. The data collection year is dependent on the type of data collected. NMHED collects data throughout the year. Read below for more detailed information on the types of data collected.

The enrollment data consists of three files types, including student, course, and student course data. The dataset includes all students enrolled in higher education courses, including high school students taking college-level courses for credit (dual credit). Enrolmment files are collected every semester from each public post¬secondary education institution.

Degrees Awarded

The degree file includes all students who have received a certificate or degree. The reporting period begins with Fall, then Spring, and ends with the Summer term of the following year (Summer is trailing in this case).
Degrees earned but not conferred during the report period should be included in the following year’s report. The degree file is collected annually for federal and state reporting.

Financial Aid

The primary purpose of the financial aid file is to collect the most complete data possible about student aid awards for a fiscal year (Fall, Spring, Summer).

Data Reporting

The data collected by NMHED from higher education institutions are the official source of data for public postsecondary education in New Mexico. Among the general uses of enrollment file data are:

  • Providing information on the numbers of students enrolled in NM postsecondary education institutions and the characteristics of students who receive these degrees.
  • Calculating remediation, retention and graduation rates generating yearly profiles.
  • Data to be used to calculate the funding formula.
  • Reports used for the NMHED annual report.
New Mexico Association of Institutional Researchers and Planners (NMAIRP)

The New Mexico Association of Institutional Researchers and Planners, NMAIRP, is a voluntary list of IR professionals and planners at the institutions. It’s a good way to connect with your colleagues who are doing similar work, and to keep up-to-date with issues regarding data and reporting in New Mexico. There is an annual meeting of NMAIRP in the afternoon following the Annual New Mexico Higher Education Assessment and Retention Conference (NMHEAR – see

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