2022 Request for Applications: Higher Education Initiatives

The State of New Mexico through the New Mexico Higher Education Department is funding key initiatives surrounding mental and behavioral health, nursing programs, faculty positions in key fields, and research initiatives. Attached are the following requests for applications (RFAs) and status:

Student Food Security Initiative ($900,000)

Status: Opened July 20, 2022

Mental and Behavioral Health Initiative ($600,000; FY22)

Status: Closed May 16, 2022

Nursing Expansion ($15,000,000; FY23-FY25)

Status: Closed June 15, 2022

Higher Education Endowment Fund ($6,583,500; FY22 and FY23)

Status: Opened May 2, 2022

Endowed Positions in Educator Preparation, Social Work, and Nursing ($130,000,000; FY23-FY25)

Status: Closed June 15, 2022

  • Educator Preparation: $50 million
  • Social Work: $50 million
  • Nursing: $30 million 
Extension: Endowed Positions in Social Work ($19,500,000; FY23)

Status: Opened November 8, 2022