Closed College Transcript Requests

Closed College Transcript Requests

The New Mexico Higher Education Department (NMHED) maintains transcripts from certain closed private post-secondary institutions who have operated a physical site in New Mexico. A transcript request application and processing fee are required prior to release of a student transcript by NMHED. If the student's records are in NMHED's possession, a copy of the transcript and certificate or diploma copy (if available) will be provided via a secure email system. The email will include a time sensitive link and any files that the receiver wishes to keep should be downloaded before the link expires.

Before submitting a transcript application please ensure the closed college is included in the listing below. 

 If you have any questions please send an email to or call (505)476-8411.

Name of Closed InstitutionYear of Closure
AAA Colleges, Inc.1984
Advantage Training Center2000
Anamarc College - Santa Teresa, NM campus2014
Art Center Design College, The (Albuquerque, NM campus) *see Southwest University of Visual Arts 
Artesia Christian College1986
ATI Career Training Center - Albuquerque, NM campus2012
Azaliah University (formerly Eastern American University)2002
Computer Career Center (a division of Vista College) Las Cruces, NM campus2021
Construction School1990
Crown Welding School1999
Crystal Mountain Massage Institute2018
Eastern American University (see Azaliah University)2002
Franklin College1998
International Business College - Alamogordo, NM campus (a.k.a. Western Business Institute)1996
ITT Technical Institute - NMHED maintains pre-1994 Albuquerque campus records only. All other ITT Technical Institute records are available through Parchment. For more information please visit 2016
Kaplan Career Institute - Albuquerque, NM campus2008
Kototoma Institute1985
Metropolitan College2006
Muir Technical College1989
National Business Academy, Inc.1992
New Mexico Academy of Healing Art2015
Parks College2000
Pecos Valley Christian College1989
Santa Fe Business College1991
Santa Fe Culinary AcademyUNKNOWN
Santa Fe School of Court Reporting1999
Santa Fe School of Natural Medicine (a.k.a. The Institute of Traditional Medicine)1984
Southwest CollegeUNKNOWN
Southwest Health Career Institute2005
Southwest University of Visual Arts (Albuquerque, NM campus)2020
Trim International Floral School, Ltd.2008
Vista College - Las Cruces, NM (see Computer Career Center)2021
Western Business Institute (a.k.a. International Business College- Alamogordo, NM campus)1996

If the closed college attended is not listed above and NMHED recieves a transcript request, the transcript request will result in a letter of no record. In some cases institutions have opted to name another institution as the Custodian of Records. If another institution is named Custodian of Records and NMHED has been notified, contact information for the Custodian of Record is included in NMHED's "List of Closed Schools". Please note, in some cases institutions have failed to fully comply with applicable state laws and rules for closed institutions, which may result in no available records for students.

CLICK HERE to download the NMHED's List of Closed Schools.

NMHED does not maintain records for closed New Mexico high schools. To request information about records for closed New Mexico high schools please contact the school district attended. CLICK HERE to visit the New Mexico Public Education Department's website and school district directory.

NMHED does not maintain GED or HiSET transcripts. If you are seeking a GED or HiSET record visit the site

NMHED does not complete education verification forms on behalf of closed institutions. If the student's records are in NMHED's possession, a copy of the transcript and certificate or diploma copy (if available) will be emailed to the education verification company following receipt of a transcript request application and the required fee. A student consent form must be included in the application.

Transcript Request Application Process

NMHED has retained SM Apply to accept transcript request orders online. There is a non-refundable processing fee of $15.00 for each transcript request application which may be paid using NMHED's e-check system. A checking account or savings account number and routing number is needed for the electronic payment. The payment system will also prompt you to enter the last five digits of the transcript request ID # which is found at the top left of the screen once you have started the application (for example TR-00000#####).Cash or credit card payments are not accepted. The $15.00 fee provides for the delivery of a transcript to five recipients listed on the signed Student Consent form uploaded with the application.

If you need to make payment via check or money order please contact for further instruction.

Transcripts requests will be processed upon receipt of the required fee and may take up to 2 weeks for processing. All transcripts are provided via a secure email.

What do I need before starting my request?

-Signed Student Consent form. CLICK HERE to download the form. Any recipients the student is allowing the record to be issued must be listed on the form.

CLICK HERE to place a transcript order via SM Apply.

Please contact NMHED by phone at (505)476-8411 or via email at if you need assistance with a transcript order.

Letters of No Record

NMHED cannot guarantee the completeness of records that were transferred to our agency by a school prior to it's closure. Upon receipt of a transcript request and the required fee, NMHED will conduct a records search using the student's name, date of birth and last four digits of their social security number. If NMHED is unable to locate a transcript or copy of a certificate or diploma for the student a letter of no record will be provided. All transcript request fees are non-refundable including those received with a request which results in a letter of no record.

More Information About Closed Schools

The U.S. Department of Education maintains a "Closed School Information” section online. It explains how postsecondary students can continue their education and resolve student loan issues if they attended a school that has closed. The U.S. Department of Education allows students to identify and instantly document the closed status of private postsecondary schools, and it can be used to confirm whether a student is eligible for cancelation of a student loan received while attending a school that has closed.

CLICK HERE to visit the U.S. Department of Education's Closed School Information webpage.

Vista College / Computer Career Center Closure

NMHED has provided student transcript and transfer information to students who were actively enrolled at Computer Career Center a Division of Vista College (Las Cruces, NM) at the time of closure 


CONTACT US: If you require additional guidance on how to direct your question or are not able to locate the information you are looking for on the New Mexico Higher Education Department's website, please send us a message.