Education Blockchain Initiative (NMEBI)


The aim of the New Mexico Education Blockchain Initiative (NMEBI) is to provide a digital credentials service that enables more students and schools to cost-effectively, readily and securely access and share academic credentials and records.


Identified Problems

  • EXPENSIVENESS: Numerous financial costs and bureaucratic inefficiencies in the obtaining and sharing of paper and PDF student credentials  (as outlined by 2020 Regular Session Senate Bill 113, “Blockchain Technology Task Force”)

  • SLOWNESS: 4-6 weeks average print time for paper and PDF records and diplomas

  • FAKES: 200,000+ fake degrees sold in the U.S. annually

  • VERIFICATION: Paper credentials are not easily machine-readable, making intake by employers difficult

Gained Benefits

  • Issue official diplomas, transcripts, examinations, and badges in a digital format that students can share and have verified anywhere

  • Immutable, transparent and auditable student degree, certificate and transcripts records

  • Increased efficiencies in economic and academic activities in reduced cost and immediate accessibility to official school records

  • Give 3rd parties the ability to verify any record instantly and for free

  • Give schools and graduates ownership of their official records and autonomy over how they use their records



A sample blockchain digital diploma:


A sample blockchain digital ID and Certificate:


Case Study


For more about the pilot project and its results, please read the Extending the Student Digital Experience Beyond Graduation article by Craig Wenthworth of Independent Thought at  the following:




(Updated January 24, 2021)