Education Blockchain Initiative (NMEBI)


The aim of the New Mexico Education Blockchain Initiative (NMEBI) is to provide a digital credentials service that enables more students and schools to cost-effectively, readily and securely access and share academic credentials and records.


Identified Problems

  • EXPENSIVENESS: Numerous financial costs and bureaucratic inefficiencies in the obtaining and sharing of paper and PDF student credentials  (as outlined by 2020 Regular Session Senate Bill 113, “Blockchain Technology Task Force”)

  • SLOWNESS: 4-6 weeks average print time for paper and PDF records and diplomas

  • FAKES: 200,000+ fake degrees sold in the U.S. annually

  • VERIFICATION: Paper credentials are not easily machine-readable, making intake by employers difficult

Gained Benefits

  • Issue official diplomas, transcripts, examinations, and badges in a digital format that students can share and have verified anywhere

  • Immutable, transparent and auditable student degree, certificate and transcripts records

  • Increased efficiencies in economic and academic activities in reduced cost and immediate accessibility to official school records

  • Give 3rd parties the ability to verify any record instantly and for free

  • Give schools and graduates ownership of their official records and autonomy over how they use their records



A sample blockchain digital diploma:


A sample blockchain digital ID and Certificate:


Case Study


For more about the pilot project and its results, please read the Extending the Student Digital Experience Beyond Graduation article by Craig Wenthworth of Independent Thought.




(Updated: January 24, 2021)