Higher Education Secretary Rodriguez urges against tuition increases

Anne Maclachlan


SANTA FE – Higher Education Secretary Stephanie M. Rodriguez issued a statement urging public colleges and universities to keep tuition levels flat for the coming semester:

"As New Mexico continues to make strides in ensuring access to higher education for all its residents, I strongly urge our public colleges and universities to refrain from raising tuition in the coming year. Our state has made history by establishing the nation's largest trust fund for tuition-free college and by investing a record $162 million in the Opportunity Scholarship this year. Additionally, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham approved a record $1.1 billion in funding for operations at colleges and universities and $324 million for higher education facilities across the state. It is imperative that our 29 colleges and universities work collaboratively with the state to uphold the promise of tuition-free college in New Mexico for future generations.


Without the full collaboration of every college and university, we cannot  maintain our position as the national leader in college access and affordability. New Mexico has successfully increased state resources dedicated to operational funding and capital projects, ensuring that students and the state scholarship programs that support them are not burdened with these costs. Colleges and universities are also experiencing significant enrollment increases as a direct result of the Opportunity Scholarship, leading to greater revenue. Now, more than ever, it is critical that our higher education institutions prioritize affordability and accessibility, keeping the doors of opportunity wide open for all New Mexicans."