Student Spotlight: Heaven Talachy

Stephanie Montoya
Student Spotlight: Heaven Talachy
Student Spotlight:                      Heaven Talachy, Nambé Pueblo      UNM - Los Alamos                  Eastern New Mexico University

Heaven recently graduated from UNM - Los Alamos with her AAS in Public Safety and is pursuing a B.A.A.S. with emphasis in Emergency Management. at Eastern New Mexico University. She started attending UNM - LA at age 18, with the career goal of becoming a paramedic at a local hospital. It wasn’t until she became a student intern with Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Emergency Management Division that she was introduced to emergency preparedness and found her true calling. She has now transitioned to a position as an emergency preparedness coordinator, and is responsible for supporting the application of the program at the laboratory.

“Being able to pursue higher education was my ultimate goal as an adult. I took it as a blessing to be able to afford my college classes and get the education I needed to pursue a job I enjoyed. As I pursue my bachelor’s degree, I reflect on the sacrifices I have made to get to where I am at today. To me, higher education means dedication, courage, and success. There is nothing more powerful than a Native American with a degree who is able to take that knowledge back to their community,” she said.

The New Mexico Higher Education Department wishes Heaven the best of luck as she continues her education.

“Being Native American, I have ties to great ancestral roots and traditions. For the month of November, we celebrate and acknowledge those from the past, present, and future. Native people are very honorable, proud, and successful people. Knowing that I come from a strong bloodline of Native Americans is a blessing, and I know I am making my family, community, and friends proud with my current achievements. I strive to be one of many Native Americans who are making a change within a western world.”

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